I was born in England and now live in the USA after a 7 year period in Vancouver, BC from 1994 to 2001.

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a number of projects, businesses and ventures in my past, including telephone marketing, communications training, creating relational databases, shareholder relations for public companies, a TV show called Metro Café in Canada and one of the first attempts at creating a Netflix style video portal, called PayForView.com.

My personal interests have always been “outside the box”, questioning established assumptions and discovering or creating new paradigms. With these components, I co-founded a “conscious media” portal called Conscious Media Network, which has now merged with Gaia.com

I have interests ranging from classical music (I am a French Horn and piano player and choral scholar), jazz, blues, ambient music, spirituality and consciousness, science and technology, healing, new energy breakthroughs, classic cars and motorcycling.

What inspires me is originality, authenticity and beauty. And a good one liner.

I’m here to explore all of life’s intriguing corners and I hope I lead you towards some of them!

Nic Meredith

The purpose of this site is to post articles, links and videos and my personal musings from time to time. None of them are intended to upset, invoke negativity or incite anything but further rational thought.

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