Paul Hawken – The End of Sustainability

I’ve been reading a lot of Paul Hawken’s books lately and find his way of thinking fascinating and liberating when it comes to being in business with a purpose as well as profit.  

In his book, Natural Capitalism, he shows that a model that has its roots in an industrial revolution that dominated the last century, no longer applies. Instead, Natural Capitalism, praised by economists and environmentalists around the globe, introduces an alternative paradigm which reveals how tomorrow’s successful businesses will draw profit from their own environmental responsibility.

Social entrepreneur and author Paul Hawken challenges the conflicting duality between the profit-driven world of business and media and a world that ensures the commons to support all life for future generations.

“The sustainability movement, without forsaking its understanding of living systems, resources, conservation, and biology, must move from a resource flow model of saving the Earth to a model based on human rights, the rights to food, the rights to livelihood, the rights to culture and community, and the right of self-sufficiency.”

This speech was given at the 2002 Bioneers National Conference.
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