How Smart Meters affect your body

Dr. Darren Schmidt, D.C.

Published on Mar 8, 2013

The first 10 min. are foundational information, then specific effects on humans are shown.

Here is the conversation I have with “experts”.
Expert: I’ve been studying this/ in radio/ have a degree/ for many years and I’m healthy/ never seen electromagnetic frequencies or radio-frequencies cause problems to anyone. Put a tin foil hat on your head.
Dr. D: I’ve seen EMF’s and RF affect hundreds and most of them get better under my care.
Expert: The research proves I’m right
Dr. D: Research funded by the industry proves you’re right but independent research proves I’m right at a ratio of 70/30. It comes down to INDIVIDUALS who suffer from an external stressor and removing that stressor so the body can heal. I’ve been helping EMF and RF sensitive people for several years now and it’s real and devices like smart meters, wifi, cell phones, etc. do cause harm to biological tissue.

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