Global Currencies nearing collapse


The world of high finance (although there is nothing ‘high’ minded about it) is a world of lofty towers, incomprehensible double speak and complexities that Einstein would have difficulty following.

The fact that we live in a world of debt, but call it credit, is just one indicator that the world of economics is all topsy-turvy.

If you look back at the history of money from a reliable source, you will find eras where money has been stable and interest free (“New Money for a New World” – Lietaer & Belgin) yet in the last 100 years we have seen boom and bust happening in multiple countries and sometimes in spectacular fashion, like in the United States depression era.

We have all heard that money is the root of all evil,  but I don’t think so.  I believe “The System” of money is at fault, although love of money for the sake of hoarding and dominating is something I do not resonate with or recommend.

If you want to start a long and interesting conversation, invite 6 adults to dinner and ask them one question. “What is money”.  You will get all sorts of versions, some erudite, some full of the aforementioned complexities and some general waffle that makes you none the wiser.

The point is, we use this stuff everyday, but we don’t know where it comes from, how it works or how to truly understand it to our benefit.  There are those that just say, “It comes from a bank”.  There are some who say “It comes from our gross national productivity” and others who say “It comes from the government”.

Yet many people do not know that the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve of the United States as just two examples, are NOT government departments but private companies with member banks and one representative from the government who doesn’t have a vote.  These are private organizations with the license to create money out of thin air on behalf of their respective governments and are allowed to charge interest on it. Did you know that in the United States, your taxes are collected by the IRS, who’s sole purpose is to collect the debt owed to the Federal Reserve. Not the government, the Federal Reserve, because once the government has it, it pays it back PLUS interest to the Fed.

There are many citizens who now fully understand this, but it leaves them as impotent as they were in ignorance.  But, like seeing one of those 3D pictures where you don’t see it until suddenly you relax your eyes and BOOM!, you see it stand out from the page, once you know you can see it you are able to see other 3D pictures.  Once you understand the set up of the system, you will be able to apply it to other countries other than your own and see that nearly every country on Earth has the same system.

This is not true of certain countries and all of them are under attack in one way or another by the western world.  Dig deeper than CNN and you will see why these countries are all the target of “Democracy” – because they have not or will not accept the organizations behind the money system. (The Big Picture is to do with the UN (United Nations), the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank.)

Because we are now living in the age of connection, when one country sneezes many others get the same cold.  When one county suffers a collapse like Greece, it affects the other member states of the European Union.  It is not difficult to see that at some point the world’s largest countries could sneeze, which would affect the rest of the world rather quickly.

You may have seen in the news that there are rumblings some of the world’s top currencies are perilously close to failing. One of the precursors to a bank on the verge of collapse is the limitations on withdrawals (remember “It’s a Wonderful Life”?).  Take a look at these three articles below and prepare for an aftershock that may be coming to a country near you.

Credit bubble in China starting to collapse

Are we on the verge of a massive emerging markets currency collapse?

HSBC limits withdrawals in US and UK

Have that dinner party and talk about money.  I know you have been taught not to, but without making it about your personal money, discuss it with grown ups and see what happens.  After that, invite people round and talk about religion!  That should be even more fun.

P.S. I am not liable for any hospitalization claims, ruined marriages, friendships or other fall out from adopting any of the above suggestions!

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